Dianna Belanger

Obituary of Dianna Lee Belanger

Belanger, Dianna

Beloved wife of Tom, having recently celebrated 40 years together. Mother of Ryan (Melissa) and Rayna (Lisa), adopted mom of Tori. Loving grandmother of Abby and foster mom to many young kids. Dianna left us on Saturday October 15th, after a short illness. A Celebration of life will be held at a later date by the family. Donations in memory of Dianna may be made to Lakefield Animal Shelter 705-652-0588. If desired online condolences to the family may be made at www.AshburnhamFuneral.ca

Remembering Me

written by Dianna Belanger in 2007

A message for my family and friends......

Well look at all of you. Thank you for coming, and... what are you doing here? I am positive I have told all of you that I did not want a fuss when I go.

I wish I had the right words to say at this time but I am not my sister, as you all will remember, she had her own way of saying good-bye.

For my husband Tom, I would just like to say, I loved you very much. I have told you over and over why I married you, but there is more to you than a sexy man. As a young father you were wonderful. I loved seeing you in the rocking chair with our babies in your arms. You were the one that the children went to if they were hurt as you would always kiss the boo boo's. Tom, we shared so many wonderful years, we also shared tears of joy and sorrow. I ask you now for forgiveness as I will no longer be there for you. All I want is for you to find happiness in your life. Even though I have said that I do not share well with others I have no right to ask you not to go on living and loving. I hope you find the one person who you can reach your dreams with, as for some reason it seems that I could never really make you happy. I was always the one to be too grounded for you and you were the dreamer. I am so sorry that I can no longer be there. I am also going to forgive you for all that was left unsaid or unfelt as it will no longer be important. I loved you, I will always love you and I will miss you. I want you to be happy and to find whatever it was that we could not find together. I wish you well my love.

As for my son, I can only say that I am so proud of you and I know you will be fine. I only ask that you forgive me for not being the perfect mother and to go on with your life. You will be fine no matter what you put your mind to. I love your smile and sense of humor as do many others. I wish you well and I love you.

For my beautiful daughter, I would like to say go out and find someone to love because you have way too much love to give. I hope that with my passing that you will finally feel free to explore life and do whatever you want to do. You were always there for me and I loved you so much. Now go and find your way in life and thank you for being my best friend. I love you beyond words honey.

Karen, I wanted to let you know that you have been the dearest friend any one person could ever wish to have and I thank you for being there when I needed support and someone to cry with. I lost my sister Cindy in 2007. Her loss was really tough on me, but Karen you were my other sister and there are no words that could express the kind of friendship that you so freely gave to me. I love you and will miss you. Bill, I could always count on you for a good laugh and well, at times, support. We have known each other for many years and I have always admired you for being able to reach for your dreams.

As for my brothers, well you know how I felt about you. I thank the lord, or should I say a higher power, for bringing our brother John back to the family. Brian, he would not have been able to do it without you. Brian, keep on laughing and singing. I know your life has been hard but man you are such a wonderfully kind person. Both you and Robert are so much alike in some ways. You remind me of a wagon wheel, crusty on the outside but soft on the inside. Yes my brothers are wonderful kind men who take after our father in many ways.

There were a couple of my aunts and uncles who touched my heart and life and I just wanted to say thank you. I looked up to them and enjoyed spending time with each of them. Thank you all for being a part of my life.

As for my nieces and nephews, wow what wonderful people you are. I loved seeing you all grow into adults and wondered at your offspring. To Cindy's girls, I can only say that your mom did a wonderful job raising you and you were there for each other, and me too, when she died. I thank you for all that.

There are many people, I have loved during my life. I hope that you know who you were. If you do not, then I have failed to let you know and I am sorry for that. If it is true that there is life after death then I have a whole lot of people waiting for me and they will show me the way to peace. I love you all, now go out and live life to the fullest and think of me with a smile. " See Ya on the Flip Side," as my brother John use to say.

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