We offer a large selection of urns designed to meet the needs of our families. Our urns have been personally-selected by our staff, so that we can provide a range of products that meet both the need for quality and affordability that is reflected in the broad requirements of the families we serve. If you are looking for a specific type of urn or manufacturer's model, please let us know and we will make every effort possible to accommodate your needs.

Andover Urn$175
Andover 956900 by Dodge
Spun steel in mocha (shown) or ebony.
(7.0”Dia. x 8.0”H)

Nature Urn$175
Nature 950703 by Dodge
Biodegradable plastic in charcoal, white or black.
(6.5”Dia. x 11.0”H)

Thamesford Urn$185
Thamesford UR2009 by Gravure Craft
Available in gold, copper or pewter (shown), finish.
 (5.5”Dia. x 8.25”H)

Journey Urn$185
Journey 4110N/AB by Eckels
Designed for the water interment of cremated remains. Made from Mulberry bark paper, Natural (shown), and Aqua Blue.
(14.0”W x 12.5”L x 3.0”H)

Unity Urn$235
Unity 4130 By Eckels
Designed for biodegradable burial. Made from Mulberry bark paper, Natural.
Matching keepsake urn also available
(8.0”Dia. x 5.25”H)

Chip Carved Chest$250
Chip Carved Chest 001-Wood by Git Mit
Solid wood with carved top.
(6.5”W x 19.5”L x 5.0”H)

Antiqued Urn$265
Antiqued M58/A by Manchester
Solid hardwood with a polished finish.
(8.0”W x 10.75”L x 5.5”H)

Kawartha Urn$325
202 by North Urn
Solid Maple with a variety of laser etched scenes. Kawartha Urn OptionsCustom scenes also available.
(6.5”W x 6.5”L x 9.0”H)

Tambour Urn$325
Tambour 206M by North Urn
Solid maple with a mahogany finish.
(5.5”W x 9.25”L x .9.25”H)

Abstract Urn$295
Abstract Aluminum - UR7110 by Gravure Craft
Matching keepsake urns available.
(6.0”Dia. x 10.75”H)

Butterfly Urn$295
Aluminum - Butterfly UR7131 by Gravure Craft
(6.0”Dia. x 10.25”H)

Burgundy Leaf Urn$295
Aluminum - Burgundy Leaf UR7120 by Gravure Craft
(6.0”Dia. x 10.25”H)

Copper Leaf Urn$295
Copper Leaf Aluminum - UR7119 by Gravure Craft
(6.5”Dia. x 9.0”H)

Tree of Life Urn$295
Tree of Life Aluminum - UR7103 by Gravure Craft
(6..0”Dia. x 10.75”H)

Asburnham Oak$375
Ashburnham Oak 224 by North Urn
Inlaid oak style suitable for a niche.
(4.75”W x 11.0”L x 9.5”H)

Athena Urn$425
Athena 2805 by Urniezius
Available in Classic, Bronze or Pewter.
Matching keepsake urns also available.
(5.5”Dia. x 10.5”H)

Praying Hands Urn$425
Praying Hands by Canadian Funeral Supply
Solid mahogany.
(7.75”W x 7.5”L x 8.25”H)

Teardrop Urn$425
Teardrop 950408 by Dodge
Silver teardrop shape with gold embellishment.
Matching keepsake urns available.
(6.50”Dia. x 10.50”H)

Avalon Urn$465
2956 By Urniezius
Available in Pewter, Midnight Blue, Bronze, Blackstone or Burgundy.
Matching keepsake urns also available.
(6.0”Dia. x 10.0”H)

Laurentian Urn$465
Laurentian MCM by MCM
Solid red granite with motif.
(4.0”W x 9.0”L x 8.25”H)

The Angel Urn$475
The Angel M77/1 by Manchester
Cultured granite with a natural finish.
Matching keepsake urns also available.
(9.5 Dia x 21.0”H)

Butterfly Cloisonne Urn$550
Butterfly Copper Cloisonne 001 by Dodge
(11.0”Dia. x 10.50”H)

The Classic Urn$595
The Classic 950208 by Dodge
Hand polished solid mahogany
in a cherry (shown), or oak finish.
(7.0”W x 10.0”L x 6.0”H)

3D Wood Urn$595
3D Wood UR-3003 by Gravure Craft
Maple or Walnut with up to 5 different types
of wood incorporated in various designs.
(3D Cabin - 7.25”W x 10.75”L x 9.0”H)
(Butterfly - 7.0”W x 11.0”L x 8 .0”H)

The Mosaic Urn$695
The Mosaic LPDP Mosaic by LPDP
Available in bronze, silver and gold finish with interchangeable fused glass mosaics.
(4.5”W x 7.0”L x 8.0”H)


The Companion Urns below are designed to contain the cremated remains of two people, allowing couples to be together even after death.

Companion Oak Urn$445
Companion Oak 212 0 By North Urn
Double Oak urn with base.
(10.5”W x 10.5”L x 9.25”H)

Winchester Companion Urn$525
Winchester Companion By Elite Urns
Available in Walnut (shown), Rosewood or Oak finishes.
(7.5”W x 11.25”L x 9.5”H)

Standard Companion Urn$545
Standard Companion 212 By North Urn
Available in Maple, Cherry (shown), Oak, and Rosewood.
(00.0”W x 00.0”L x 00.0”H)

Companion Heart Urn$875
Companion Heart FH2PC110 By PDM Fabhaven Inc.
Polished Marble.
(9.0”W x 9.0”L x 10.0”H)

Divine Companion Urn$995
Devine Companion 108 By Artful Urns
Australian Lace, Bubbinga and Wenge woods with an optional dividing wall.
(11.5”W x 9.50”L x 9.50”H)

Romance Companion Urn$1695
Romance Companion FCROM By PDM Fabhaven Inc.
Solid Bronze.
(0.00”W x 00.0”L x 0.00”H)