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KAOS Radio

Category: Entertainment, Radio, Youth Services

99.5 FM Peterborough & Surrounding Area ON
Phone: 705-876-0404

King's Kids Promotions is a charitable organization that has been in operation in Peterborough for the last 13 years.  For many years our focus has been giving the youth of Peterborough and area the opportunity to experience both foreign and local missions.  In the last couple of years King's Kids Promotions changed the focus of their organization to our own city.  We began working on a project that took four long years to bring to fruition, but in November 2004 we launched Kaos Radio.99.5 FM .The New Music Alternative as part of our plan to reach out to our own community.I invite you to view the following promotional video produced in preparation for our launch that gives an awesome indication of what this station is all about.

Kaos 99.5's emphasis is on new, current music and offers its listeners a blend of current hits from a number of different genres.  This most definitely separates Kaos 99.5 from Peterborough's other radio stations.

Kaos 99.5 is local and an independent station with the Kaos team consisting of young, fresh and vibrant individuals who are connected and extremely active in the community you are trying to reach.  For instance; Kaos 99.5 has the support and endorsement from both the public and Catholic school boards and is currently working in conjunction with community social service agencies in our community, which should indicate that, although Kaos 99.5 is a new station "on the air", we have cultivated extensive relationships within our community prior to actually opening up the microphone.

We appreciate your consideration in assisting King's Kids Promotions and Kaos Radio 99.5 to reach the youth of our great city.
Laurie Eccles
Kaos Radio 99.5
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